How Ziveli was Born

Well…. Finally… After much procrastination the day has arrived to finally start blogging…

I guess to most the word Ziveli (Pronounced Zee-vah-lee) must be new..

It is an old Serbian word.. It means: Let’s live long.

Now you must be wondering why I chose a Serbian word. Well…It perfectly outlines the basis of what I want to focus on…

I quit my job last month, exactly a month now… Sigh…

What a relief..

I have always wanted to do something on my own, and my passions have always been closely linked to the Bohemian Life…


One Sunday afternoon, my brother – Kehaan ( A product designer and a versatile artist & musician), my husband – Yadu, and me sat and did some leap frogging.

And that is how Ziveli was born.

Ziveli is the quintessential eco – chic, gone boho…

What does Bohemian Mean..

Ziveli is the earth conscious lifestyle product brand with a Bohemian Personality..

A Toast to the future.. We want the earth to live long.. Hence Ziveli.. The Sustainable lifestyle products brand, with a Bohemian Personality..


Focusing on:


žTrue to the handicrafts of India


žTo express creativity


žLove for Nature

Ziveli is the Creative Pursuit for Life through Environmentally Conscious Lifestyle Products…

In the coming days I will talk about the Artists we have tied up with, about reviving the arts and crafts of India, The need for an organic lifestyle, who we are and what we do..

Thanks for reading…

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