Need a Travel Buddy to Bhujodi

In my quest for artisans, I came across the 500 year old village – Bhujodi.

And I must thank Yasmin Aunty for Enlightening me about this beautiful crafts village.

Yasmin Aunty was my craft teacher at The Valley School. That is where my interests for all things handmade & natural started.

At school, we even had a chance to weave or own hand-loom fabric. Ahh… How I miss school…

Now coming back to Bhujodi, the home of the 200 plus Vankar (the weaving community in Bhuj) families.

Bhujodi is where I want to go.

I want to witness the orchestra of the spinning wheels and the wooden looms.

And I want to meet Ramji Maheshwari, who is a Vanker. He is an independent weaver who has a pit loom. He weaves beautiful stoles there.

919998082332 (1)

Close by is also Ajrakhpur. Where I want to help in reviving the dying Ajrakh. Ajrakh is a form of natural block printing on cloth.

It is fascinating to know that the 4000 year old art is still being practiced today. And we must not let it die.

The Art derives its name from the Hindi phrase ‘Aaj ke din rakh’, or keep it for the day.

The Khatri community have been printing with Ajrakh blocks for centuries now.

And.. if anyone is interested in taking this beautiful journey with me, let me know soon.




Thanks for reading..

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