The Organic Life

Yesterday one of my brother’s friends’ mother passed away. She had cancer. Cancer has become so common these days. In-fact, 3 out of my mother’s 5 friends have cancer.

One of the major reasons for cancer is carcinogens (chemicals that cause cancer). One of the many carcinogens are the chemicals & fertilizers used in agriculture. These chemicals are non-biodegradable and keep on accumulating in our bodies and in the earth. Research has found that these chemicals are even found in mother’s milk.

Also, in many regions where endosulfan is used in agricultural practices, many children are born with mental and physical disabilities.

The green revolution may have brought about an increase in the production, but now we can clearly see the devastation it has caused.

Every year we have so many farmers forced to suicide. This is because the genetically modified seeds have to be bought for every new cultivation, unlike traditional farming, where farmers use to save seeds from the crops harvested.

Along with seeds, farmers have to rely on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which are again expensive.

Also if weather conditions are not suitable, the farmers undergo huge losses, because they grow only one type of crop. But traditionally when there was multi – cropping and crop rotation, these loses would be minimal.

Conventional farming is also a threat to our life on earth, because the use of the chemicals also causes global warming.

It is time to save our farmers, and save our earth and our future generations.

Every day we have a choice; it starts with what we eat, what we wear, and how we live.

Each one of us can make a difference for ourselves, our farmers, our future and the earth.

Act now… Switch to the organic life.

Thanks for reading…

At Ziveli, we are trying to make the right choices… So should you…

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