Buda Folklore

Yesterday Kehaan and I visited Savita Aunt’s beautiful house.

She and her parents have been documenting folk knowledge at Honnavar and Angadibail.

They have been working with the different tribes in Northern Karnataka.

Some of the tribes are the Siddis, the Habshis, and the Halkakkis.

It is so saddening to know that the younger generation have been swamped by urbanization and have forgotten their roots, and rich cultural heritage of arts, crafts, cuisine, games, agriculture, and way of living.

India has such a rich cultural heritage which is quickly getting eaten up by the so called modernisation.

Many arts and crafts like Shedi Kale (Clay Rangoli), Hase Chittara (Art with rice flour), Basket weaving and Jewellery making are dying out.

At Ziveli it is our endeavour to revive, save and encourage the demand of the arts and crafts of India.

And we will need all the support from all of you.

The young generations of tribal’s are so eager to flock to the cities, even to do menial jobs, and have no knowledge or interest to continue their rich heritage. We can encourage them only by supporting them and offering them sustainable sources of income, through buying of their traditional products.

Crafting is a labor intensive process, as it takes many days of labor to craft just a single product. Only if the labor and the unique hand work of these products is appreciated and given the right value, will we be able to prevent the heritage and culture of India from dying…

Ziveli is going to tie up with BuDa Folklore to bring to you the rich cultural Heritage of Uttar Karnataka.

buda basket


Shedi Kale
Shedi Kale
Hase chittara
Hase Chittara

Thank You for reading…

Hope you will support us in our endeavor to save our Rich Indian Heritage and Culture…

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