Living the Bohemian Lifestyle

Not all who wander are lost

Ziveli is an Ecochic gone Boho.

This blog is about living the bohemian lifestyle. And adding a little Boho to your life…

Simple ways to embrace the bohemian lifestyle… These are sooo simple… 🙂

Create Art

Draw, paint, cook, write, sculpt, crochet, weave, or do anything else that catches your creative fancy… Express yourself the way you want… Let your creativity flow, and express yourself in some artistic way…

Do What You Love


Read books that you love, or listen to your favourite songs, watch movies, do not be constrained by conventions. Just do what makes you happy… Be at peace with yourself.

Challenge Beliefs

challenge beliefs

Challenge what you and others believe. And become informed about other lifestyles or points of views. And if there is an aspect you admire, incorporate it into your own life. You do not have to agree to everything in a particular ideology. Pick and choose what suits you and what gives you joy.

Question authority, but do it with respect. Use good judgement, and logic.

Wear what makes you feel good, and it doesn’t have to be the latest fashion trend… Create your own fashion sense, by choosing fabrics with all your senses.

Live for the Moment


Be mindful of everything you do or say. Enjoy every second right now.

DO NOT stress about the past nor about the future… Just go with the flow… And calmly resolve any problems that come your way. Live without regrets…

Enjoy the little things that make you happy… Let go of the fear of missing things out… Take time out for yourself and stay comfortable.

Be graceful, and grateful…

Set your sprit free…

Keep it simple…

Be true to yourself…

Stay unafraid and strong…

Be original, throw in elements of surprise and experiment with new things and get out of your comfort zone…


Thanks for Reading…

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