This evening I went to Bimba. It was my second visit there. The memory of organic yarn from my first visit took me back there again. And I was able to buy some organic yarn used in Malkha fabrics. The yarn came from a village in Andhra Pradesh.

Malkha is an initiative for decentralized & sustainable field to fabric textile chain. It is collectively owned and managed by the farmers, spinners, dyers, and weavers. All of whom are engaged in understanding and evolving the practice of collective working to bring about sustainable textiles.

Now coming back to Bimba. Bimba in Sanskrit means reflection. And the beautiful and tranquil rustic house where Bimba is located, invokes self reflection.

There Mr Dorai and I chatted at length about sustainable living; encouraging earth sensitive art; promoting and encouraging master artists and craftsmen; spirituality; and connecting with your true self.

We also discussed that through intellect we understand the true nature of things. Then we require sensitivity and compassion to be mindful and think about the earth, its habitants and the different choices we make. Sensitivity towards oneself, others, and mother earth are truly required to make a difference to ourselves and our lives. But, it should not end at sensitivity alone. Intellect and sensitivity are required, but it is useless without action. Hence action is required to make a true difference. It is easy to act on our preconditions, but to actually make a difference we must take action to make the right choices.

And we at Ziveli can only hope that your intellect and sensitivity will progress to action.

And you will make the right choice of living sustainably.

At Ziveli we give you this choice, and hope you take the right action.

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