Kalpādapa is the Sanskrit word for wish – fulfilling divine tree.

Many trees are identified as Kalpavrikshas’/Kapādapa’s: Such as Banyan, Coconut, and Mulberry. These are all key stone species.

But I also consider the plantain to be a Kalpādapa, because all parts of the banana plant are very useful, they have a large effect on the environment and play a large role in maintaining the structure of an ecological community.

The banana fruits are a staple favourite in most parts of the country, the flowers and stems are used to make some mouth watering delicacies, the leaves make great disposable and environment friendly food packaging, and the bark of the tree is used to make banana fibre.

banana fibre drawing

The banana fibre is the hot topic of the day for Ziveli.

We source our new line of banana fibre products from Hampi.

Hampi is a village in Northern Karnataka. It is now a world heritage site.

We work with a trust in Hampi, where about 100 women come together to create impact free & beautiful hand crafted products.

First the dried bark of the banana plant is collected from the organic banana plantations of Koppal.

Then the bark is soaked in water for about 10 to 15 minutes, and is then shredded by hand using a sharp metal scrapper.

The shreds are then rolled into ropes of different diameters by hand.

These ropes are then weaved or crocheted into beautiful pieces of art by our skilled artisans -Haseena, Aarifa, Radha, Pushpavati, Banu, and 17 others.

Each day our 22 skilled and talented women come together for 6 hours to create our beautiful hand made products.

On an average each woman weaves/crochets about 200 to 300 meters of banana fibre rope per day.

It is a delight to watch them work.

Also, we are very happy to inform you that all our banana fibre products are washable; you can brush them under running water or simply rinse them, and then dry them in the sun.

And I am very proud of one of our artisans – Shameem, who now trains all the other women, and also helps in coordinating with sales and marketing.

At Ziveli we are very proud of all the skilled artisans and we promote locally grown and produced material, which empower women, and provide them with gainful employment, while contributing to culture conservation.

Check out the video on how banana fibre is extracted by hand:



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