Tana Bana

Ever been to a music concert? Well… the one that plays at the Maheshwari house in Sumrasar village (Kutch, near Bhuj) is a wee bit different. The musicians are the entire Maheshwari family. And this music has been playing from 4 generations. Their orchestra constitutes of spin wheels for strings, pit loom for beats, and for the vocals there are chirping birds and mooing cows. All this manifesting into a great musical concert.

Ramji, and his entire family of wankers (weaver community in Kutch) weave out of a deeper conscience we call genetic inheritance. Each woven fabric on their pit loom, carries with it millions of such consciences, intertwined with the Tana Bana. (Tana means warp in Urdu/Hindi, and Bana means weft. Warps and wefts are the threads that make a fabric.)

Ramji and his entire family are helping us weave beautiful organic cotton fabric in their pit loom.

The cotton is procured locally from organic cotton farmers in Rapar and Bhachau.

The cotton is then pulled and rolled to make yarn. The yarn is then soaked in a thin paste of wheat flour and water, and then dried in the sun. This process gives the yarn some strength.

The yarn is them combed apart with a brush.

Then it is spun onto a spindle for the weft. And the warp thread is prepared on the loom.

Then the weaving begins…

Ramji is a graduate from the Kala Raksha Vidhyalaya, and generally weaves stoles and shawls.

But for us, he and his family are weaving organic fabrics, which will be designed and tailored by us, and will be available for you soon…

Here is a video of Man Maheshwari at the Loom:

Thank You!

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