Kauna is derived from “Kou”, a local (Manipuri) name used for making of mats and other artistic items and also for its medicinal importance. Schoenoplectus Lacustries (Linn) Palla is the Botanical name and Cyperaceae is the family of Kauna. It is a stout perennial aquatic herb. And is a creeping rhizome, with an erect leafless stem, often 2 to 2 1/2 meters long (6-7 feet). The cylindrical green stems are un-branched and gradually taper towards the tip.

Kauna is a natural herb. And has medicinal values. It is biodegradable and eco-friendly. Laying/sitting on Kauna mat/cushion/stool can cure piles and backache.

It also has naturally cooling properties; hence sleeping on a kauna mat in the summer will keep you cool.

No chemicals or synthetic materials are used in creating our products made with Kauna. And they are all pure and natural. Our kauna products can be cleaned with a wet cloth, but please dry them in the sun after wiping them.

Kauna is harvested when the stems are stout and then dried in the sun.

The dried kauna is then weaved into beautiful mats, hats, bags, boxes and more…

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