Natural Fibres

We at Ziveli only work with natural fibres. And we are on an endeavour to promote and encourage the arts and crafts of India. We want to be the change towards a more sustainable living. Hope you will join us in our pursuit.

Natural fibre products have a certain distinctive qualities: colour, texture, and properties. But they all have one thing is common – they belong to the earth.

The appearance, feel, and texture of a bamboo or kauna basket are clearly different from that of a plastic bag. And no two bamboo baskets are of the same colour, while they could have the same form. A woven surface, like a reed mat, could have many shades. We at Ziveli love the asymmetry, irregularity and natural warmth which comes from each of our handcrafted products, which makes each piece unique and one of a kind.

Natural fibres made of cellulose or plant matter can be obtained from almost every part of the plant such as the root, stem, or shoot, leaf, fruit, ad bark of many plant species.


Over the coming days we are going to explore the different natural fibres found in India.

Hope you will join us in this journey.

And we hope to bring to you as many different arts, crafts and natural products as possible.

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