As I promised, here is the first blog in our series of blogs about the different natural fibres of India.

Lavancha is commonly known as vetiver or khus.

It is a perennial bunchgrass native to India.

Vetiver grass is grown for many different purposes. It is grown to protect against soil erosion, as it has fibrous roots. It is also grown to protect against pests, as its strong perfume keeps many pests away.

The oil from the roots are used in cosmetics and aromatherapy.

And it is also used in different handicrafts.

Lavancha has many intrinsic medicinal properties and is a natural coolant.

Lavancha is made into many products which are utilitarian, yet transmit their healing properties to the user. Hats, slippers, mats and caps, etc. are made with lavancha and help keep the body cool.

Dried khus stem is also used innovatively to make decorative and household items. And since the khus stem is sturdy it can be bent into any shape. At times it takes 5 days to make a single product.

We must take pride is using these handcrafted products, which are crafted with love.

And our only hope at Ziveli is that we are able to promote and encourage all the arts and crafts of India.

We hope that you will join us in our pursuit.

The scent and secrets of mother earth lie at the heart of Vetiver.

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