Shopping Ethically


Have you ever wondered how your lifestyle products or your daily-use products made? Under what conditions? By whom? Were the producers paid fairly? Are they sustainable?

It is up to you to communicate your choice.

Sadly, consumers don’t necessarily believe they can make a change with the money they spend. The convenience of fast fashion, fast food and FMCG’s (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) are still very tempting.

If you look the word ethical up in a dictionary it will say it is an adjective pertaining to or dealing with morals or the principles of morality; pertaining to right and wrong conduct. Morals and ethics will mean different to different people. For us at Ziveli, the understanding of ethical shopping is: we want to know who produced our goods, were the producers treated fairly, were they paid a fair living wage, and are the materials used environmentally sustainable.

Hence at Ziveli we work directly with the artisans who handcraft our environmentally conscious products, and we directly pay them for their work, time and effort.

Isn’t’ it high time you communicate your choice and make the right decisions about where your money goes?


Shop Ethically at:


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