Ethical Chic

Globalisation has made it even easier than ever to ignore where all our products come from. Are the workers paid equitably? Are their working conditions safe? Are their communities healthy? Many consumers may find it difficult to answer these questions, in part because most retailers don’t disclose adequate information about production.

Here’s the truth: When a product is made in a developing country like ours, the average percentage of the final retail cost that goes to the worker is 0.5 to 4%. Most of us accept this status quo as the norm.

For a long time, men have opened doors for each other in business. We believe that if we are to solve this issue, then we need more women to rise to leadership positions. As more women take on more authority as leaders in the industry, they are poised to challenge the long standing assumption that our ethics are limited by market forces.

The world is ready for women to remake the world to bring into vogue putting people first.

Here are a few ways we are getting started:

Branding ethical as cool.

Beginning to educate consumers about the importance of ethical shopping.

Working hard to develop a customer base that will make ethical choices.

Striving to make the ethical choice a fashionable one.

We design, develop and buy products which are ethical.

We document the life-cycle of our products from inception to the sale.

We are proud of all our artisans who make our products.

We know every detail of how our products are made and what they are made of.

We always ensure the welfare of our artisans.

We always try to offer proof of the making of our products and the conditions under which they are made.

We always focus on the quality and finish of each of our products.

We at Ziveli want to insist on a better world. Hope you are willing to join us.

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