Palm Craft

Palm Tree also known as “Palmyra”, a tall fan leaf, yielding a hard wood and sweet sap, and a source of palm wine and sugar, etc. The central portion of Palm-Leaf called ‘mongu akku’ is used in basketry woven by women from the agricultural communities of surrounding regions. The leaves of Palm Tree are used for many purposes including thatching, weaving, and creating many household and baskets, and boxes and fashion accessories, which are made using the coiled binding process. Strips of palm trees are also dyed to provide many pattrens. We use only natural dyes in our products.

We at ZIVELI are working with a small cluster of women in Telangana to create sustainable livelihoods through palm leaf craft.

We are working on a model where local women are trained in the craft and then are free to work from home or from the centre. A corporative society has been set up and women are paid directly for each product crafted.

Crafting the palm leaves involves a few steps:
The ivory coloured leaves upon collection, are dried under the sunlight for 2 to 3 days.
Each leaf is further split into 3 or 4 leaves with the help of a splitting tool, which is usually a sharp knife on a wooden stand.

These leaves are further dyed,based on the design and other requirements. The leaves are again dried under sun after the process of dyeing and desired products are finally made out of it.

All our products are skillfully handwoven with love by our women artisans.

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