Our Story

ZIVELI means cheers to good life. A good life is possible by living consciously.

We are a earth conscious lifestyle product brand with a Bohemian Personality. All of us are responsible to protect and nurture the beautiful planet we live in, and we at ZIVELI are consciously trying to bring about a change by encouraging sustainable living. We have travelled far and wide in search of long forgotten crafts and have built a community of expert women artisans to deliver to you the finest of handmade products. When we went to Manipur, we were so impressed with their skills and beauty of the craft and we really wanted to do something to help them out. We worked on teaching them new design concepts which would help them improve their visibility.

Today ZIVELI links over 200 rural artisans to modern urban markets, thereby creating a base for skilled, sustainable rural employment, and preserving India’s traditional crafts in the process.

We are currently working with communities in Manipur, West Bengal, Telangana and Northern Karnataka.

We use innovative and sustainable materials like Malai, Cruelty free, naturally tanned handcrafted leather, cotton, jute, Sabai, palm leaves, and of course kauna.

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