Here’s How To Support Local Businesses like Ours During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Local, independent businesses like ours are suffering from a lack of customers.

As the world hunkers down, small businesses like ours, around the around the world are struggling to make ends meet ― although customers have disappeared, bills and wages have not.

Just how long we will have to scale back operations due to the coronavirus outbreak — whether it’s weeks or months — is unclear.

For those self-isolating in their homes, and want to continue to support local businesses like ours, there are a few things you can do.

Buy online.

You can buy our beautiful bags and baskets on

Your generosity could be a game changer for us right now.

Buy locally whenever possible.

If you’re thinking of stocking up on anything, look for local retailers.

Leave good reviews.

If you are financially unable to buy, or do not have a need for a product or service offered, consider leaving great reviews online for services you’ve used, or refer us to others.

A word of support can also go a long way for stressed-out business like ours.

While cashflow is the byword of small businesses, independent contractors, and the self-employed, it’s hard to overstate how much we rely on your moral support.

On our bad days, small business owners usually remember our customers first, and when we believe that we matter to you, it gives us the strength to find another way to keep going.

Pick up a gift card.

If you keep dreaming of regular life, give your future self a gift to spend at ZIVELI.

You can reach us on +91 8884597356 or contact us on to buy a gift card.

Gift cards can go toward helping with cash flow in uncertain times.

Thank You for your support.

Stay safe!

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