Quality & Craftsmanship Define True Luxury

Just because something is expensive, doesn’t nessecerily mean it is luxurious.

At ZIVELI we focus on the quality and craftsmanship of all our products.

It is time to start questioning the meaning of modern world luxury.

At one point in time, luxury meant creating something beautiful and it relied on limitations of production and the value of rarity and scarcity. Unfortunately, the true essence of luxury is {almost} lost in the modern world. The globalization of luxury means that even the so-called luxury brands have cut down the quality and started overproducing goods in a race to boost profit. The ubiquitous luxury goods, which were once a true piece of art have been reduced to machine-made items, often made in China, with no focus on craftsmanship. You’re paying more for something that’s not exclusive, is inferior in quality and often not sustainably produced.

So essentially, when you’re buying something from a luxury brand, instead of quality and workmanship, all you’re really paying for is the brand’s logo.

In contrast, traditional artisanship is entirely authentic. We would like to call it the “true luxury” because it focuses on craftsmanship, it believes in exclusivity, not mass-production, and it embodies ethics not exploitation.

A beautifully made handcrafted piece offers something special, in the same way as haute couture, where garments or accessories are considered as investments on an economic and emotional level, inherently extending the product lifetime. It’s beautiful, rare and sustainable – unlike most so called luxury goods.

Fortunately, while in a world where a lot of emphases is placed on fancy labels, a new breed of niche brands like ours, are making a mark in the fashion world, that is raising the bar on luxury with our focus on quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability.

Ours is brand that is proving its social and ethical credentials through supporting artisan communities in India, reviving traditional artisan techniques, and using sustainable cruelty-free materials for beautiful designs.

ZIVELI is a social project where fashion, culture and art intersect.

Our brand empowers the artisan community by working directly with them and innovating their techniques. We work on the upliftment of all our women artisans and for the betterment of their craft.

We focus on Fashion that’s ethical, exquisite and noble!

We are dedicated to honor the culture and traditions of our artisans, and to keep them alive through our bags and baskets.

Each of our thoughtfully designed, beautiful bags are exquisitely handcrafted by artisans in rural India.

Our bags mix artisanal and contemporary design and each piece takes days to be created.

Now, that’s what we call true luxury. We think these bags are a little pieces of art, as they require so much technique and skill to come to life.

The beauty, heritage, and craftsmanship of each bag cannot be compared to the mass-produced goods that’s marketed in the name of luxury. The later is no match for these ethically crafted pieces of art. There are many niche brands like ours, that are bringing the focus on creating exquisite pieces.

Our aim to create something truly unique, while also focusing on the development of these communities.

The good news is, through brands like ours, and growing sophistication in taste from more educated and mindful consumers, true luxury is catching up again. This luxury is about having a good taste, as opposed to wearing just a status label. It’s about appreciating the craftsmanship and acknowledging the value of something that’s truly exquisite while making this world a better place!

Next time you reach out for a luxury handbag (or any other luxury goods), please think about – (a) how it was made, (b) who made it and were they paid fairly, (c) where was it produced (in a factory or handcrafted), and most importantly (d) what materials were used in the making of that bag {or any other piece of luxury good you’re purchasing}. Then objectively decide for yourself if this piece is truly a luxury item, or just an inferior product, which is marketed well to lure me to spend my dough.

Let’s re-evaluate our fashion choices, and redefine the meaning of luxury that goes beyond any status label yet emanates “luxury” through its story and craftsmanship.

To shop our beautiful and sustainable luxury goods, log on to http://www.ziveli.in

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