Thoibi our Beloved

Our beautiful Thoibi walking into work.

Thoibi is the name of an ancient Manipuri Princess whose love story with a commoner called “Khamba” is very much loved.

Our Thoibi is surely our beloved.


Thoibi is Romita’s (Romita is one of the first artisans who joined our cluster) elder daughter. She has been weaving since she was 12, she is 26 now. After her schooling, she now works alongside Romita, training more young girls to weave. And now is our master artisan. She has also learnt stiching and sewing and helps us with lining our bags as well.
She got married just a couple of months ago, and her only source of income is crafting bags and baskets with kauna reed.
Thoibi needs your support in trying times like these.

Please do hear what Thoibi has to say.

Log on to to support Thoibi and our other artisans.

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