#composition – the raw materials we use

Today marks the anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse. On 24th April, 2013, this incident took place, taking thousands of lives. And sparked off the Fashion Revolution.

What we put on our bodies is not without impact on the workers who make them. Before you buy, always think about what is in my clothes/accessories, and under what conditions they were made.
The materials we wear have a profound social and environmental impact.
#whatsinmyclothes #whatsinmybag are questions we must ask before buying.
At @ziveliindia we are very transparent about what we use in our bags and baskets, and how they are made.
We work with 100% natural fibres, which are renewable.
And all our products are meticulously handcrafted by our empowered women artisans.
We work with fibres like kauna reed, palm leaf, bamboo, sabai grass, cotton, linen and jute. We also use materials like malai, which is a vegan leather alternative made from the waste of the coconut industry. And naturally tanned leather, which is ethically sourced from a local shepherd community.
Below is a glimpse of the materials we use:

Kauna is the local Manipuri name for a reed or rush belonging to the family Cyperaceae which is cultivated in wetlands. It has a cylindrical, soft and spongy stem which is woven into mats, bags and baskets by our women artisans from Manipur.
We work with women artisans in Telengana to make our palm leaf bags and baskets. And we use only natural dyes to dye our palm leaves.
We work with a small community in the hilly region of Manipur to make our delicately crafted bamboo products.
We work with a small community of women in rural West Bengal to make our sabai grass bags.
We use cotton and jute yarn to hand crochet design elements for our bags.
We work with a small community in West Bengal for our jute bags, made with pure jute fibre.
We work with a Small Shepherd community in Northern Karnataka to ethically source our naturally tanned leather. All our leather handles, straps and trimmings are handcrafted by our artisans. The leather is tanned from sheep skin after the demise of the sheep. The tanning is very small scale and is processed in the homes of our artisans. These artisans rare sheep for wool, which is hand woven into blankets.
Malai is a new vegan leather alternative, made from the waste of the coconut industry. It is dyed using natural dyes. We use Malai for our bags as an alternative to leather. Check out our Made with Malai collection, by clicking on the link here.

Support our Fashion Revolution Campaign on http://www.ziveli.in

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