Keeping the Crafts Alive

We are passionate about preserving traditional crafts. By that, we mean skills that have been going on for hundred of years and are now in danger of being lost (if they haven’t disappeared already). We are convinced that there’s wealth and health and a depth of contentment in the old ways that are being pushed aside to make way for modernity.

We are not suggesting that we should all down our Ipads, pick up our crochet hooks and join the WI. But we do think someone needs to be responsible for holding the proverbial baby while the water is being thrown out.

Here are 10 reasons why traditional crafts are worth preserving:

They are beautiful when they are done well. At ZIVELI we focus on the quality and finish of all our products. All our bags and baskets are skillfully and meticulously handcrafted to perfection.There is more satisfaction in making something skillfully than getting a machine to do it. A lot of love, time and effort is poured into each creation.The products are often better quality that their factory equivalents and have more character. At ZIVELI we use high quality raw materials and with proper care our products are designed to be versatile and last a lifetime.They don’t depend on resources such as electricity, the internet, gas or petrol (which are unreliable, especially in developing countries like ours). All our products are handcrafted by our experts women artisans.The products are functional, not just pretty.Pre-industrial techniques are better for the environment.The products and skills are part of the identity of a people group and culture. Weaving mats out of kauna was an ancient technique, we have leveraged that skill to make new product more suitable for modern markets.The techniques are transferable from generation to generation. We are happy to hopeful for the future of our craft when the daughters of our artisans also join our cluster.They allow crafts people to be independent business people and have ownership of their enterprise rather than being cogs in a wheel.They can be carried out in a home environment and so help protect family and community life.Shop on to help us keep the crafts alive…

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