Mother’s Day Campaign 2020


Life as a mother can be really really exponentially messy. You can wake in the morning and wonder how in the world did this become my story? The real truth is that often motherhood can simply be a place of overwhelm. Especially in a time of this covid-19 pandemic.

It doesn’t matter what causes the overwhelm.

I hate overwhelm.

Overwhelm is hard on me. I am not alone. I’m not alone in having those days of overwhelm and then moments where I just look at the blessings, the sweet little one asleep, and I wonder why in the world was it so hard?

Here’s the deal. As hard as it is overwhelm teaches us things. Even though it’s horribly uncomfortable, humbling, painful, and can make us simply want to run out of the house and down the block screaming. And because I’ve learnt that this world just needs more real, and sometimes you need to hear that you’re not alone or that you’re amazing or that you’re not the only one that’s dealt with overwhelm. – TANVI J SARAIYA (Co-Founder Ziveli India)

Motherhood is not a journey meant to be solo, but should be a beautiful connecting of women who desire to embrace, love, and support each other. And that happens when we’re real.

So…This year our ZIVELI Mother’s Day Campaign is going to be about sharing those stories and supporting each other.

Please share your stories on how and why motherhood can be overwhelming, and how you overcome it or what makes you calm again.

Please follow us on Instagram at:

Please tag @ziveliindia in your post/story along with a picture and a little bit about yourself. And use the hashtag #motherhoodoverwhelm

Please send in your entries by the 5th of May, 2020, and stand a chance to win a beautiful @ziveliindia bag.

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