craft and sustainability

Modern manufacturing for global markets tends to homogenise material culture through its centralized production and divisive production process. In contrast, craft practices usually have a strong local identity through their application of holistic making practices, context-based knowledge, culturally specific responses and community-centred production. This form of locally-based, customisable and responsive production is what we are discussing here in terms of its relationship to sustainability and as a promising direction for the future.

Despite the potentially strong relationship between craft and sustainability, there is still only limited research exploring this relationship and how craft can more effectively contribute to contemporary industry and life in general.

So we decided to do a series of blogs about crafts and sustainability.

This series begins by developing an understanding of the relationship between craft and sustainability. From this, we identify: 1) barriers to craft’s development for sustainability, and 2) potential directions to which design can contribute. We then discuss the current state of crafts and identify the challenges and potential for design interventions in this region.

Stay tuned for our series on crafts and sustainability.

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