Indian Designers To Support During The Pandemic

Unprecedented times call for showing unprecedented support for up-and-coming Indian designers.

You’ll forget about high street once you’ve been through this list.

These are unprecedented times. With the country under an extended lockdown amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become imperative for us to rethink our fashion consumption patterns. With the government restricting everything but the procurement of essentials, the days of habitually popping into your favourite high-street store to browse the racks are on hold. And while we continue to visit e-commerce sites, we’ve had to contend with delayed deliveries. If you, like us, are looking to support a cause, why not extend said support to homegrown fashion labels, which in turn will help weavers, tailors, embroiderers and craftspeople sustain a livelihood.

Label: Ito

If you’re looking for: Fuss free clothing that’ll feel airy during peak summer and still have you looking put together.

Label: Payal Jain

If you’re looking for: Broderie anglaise on the most cutesy pieces to live out your lockdown days in.

Label: Six 5 Six Street

If you’re looking for: Appropriate garb to wear on the street when you’re allowed to go outside again.

Label: Ziveli

If you’re looking for: Handcrafted accessories to spruce up picnics on your terrace or balconies.

Label: Anomaly

If you’re looking for: Straightforward modern essentials that are consciously made and don’t need much else to stand out.

Label: Chindi

If you’re looking for: Elevated bags for all your grocery runs, because you want to make the most of the only outings you get.

Label: Stretchery

If you’re looking for: Good quality and sustainably produced workout gear made right here in the homeland.

Label: Sole House

If you’re looking for: Shoes to really put a spring in your step once you’re out and about, and finally wearing shoes again.

Label: Almost Gods

If you’re looking for: Off-kilter clothing to get you excited about being outside again.

Label: Graine

If you’re looking for: High shine pieces that you want to invest in for all the ambitious plans you’ve made for the Corona Virus after times.

Label: Ode to Odd

If you’re looking for: Refined and romantic clothing from winners of Grazia Young Fashion Awards in 2019.

Label: Ura Maku

If you’re looking for: Minimalist pieces made from natural dyes and organic fabrics. What better way is there to get back to work in our actual offices.

Label: The Summer House

If you’re looking for: Feel good clothing that’ll pick you up on your dullest days far beyond the quarantine.

Label: PA.NI

If you’re looking for: A holiday? A Tan? Some eco-friendly swimsuits to fill a void?

Label: Korra

If you’re looking for: Really good quality Indian denim that’ll last you a lifetime.

Label: Svenklas

If you’re looking for: Sustainably produced luggage that’ll last all the adventures you have planned for post quarantine.

Label: Aureole

If you’re looking for: Clothing with silhouettes comfy enough to ease the transition into back to work life.

Label: Real State

If you’re looking for: Jewellery made from marble, because you’re feeling inspired by Renaissance statues you’ve seen on the online museum tours.

Label: The Initiative

If you’re looking for: Functional, well-designed, handcrafted products that provide sustainable livelihoods to craftspeople. Try saying no to that.

Label: Core

If you’re looking for: Elevated and thoughtful workwear that goes beyond the plainness of a shirt and trouser

Label: Untitled Co.

If you’re looking for: Seasonless pieces with unbelievable detail that you can take from your workplace to a vacation.


Label: Teatro Dhora

If you’re looking for: Timeless trinkets with an old world edge that you will find yourself wearing everyday


Label: Oshadi

If you’re looking for: Ethically and sustainably produced modern garments made using ancient weaving techniques that ought to put the rest of your wardrobe to shame


Label: Doh Tak Keh

If you’re looking for: Garments made out of entirely upcycled fabric that look better than most new things you bought this year


Label: The Jodi Life

If you’re looking for: whimsically modern block printed pieces that are ready to pick up the slack in your outfit.


Label: Lune

If you’re looking for: Celestial pieces that will more than fit your fancy, because you’re done with earthly desires.


Label: Nori

If you’re looking for: Epic denim and painterly pieces that will reflect all the artistic abilities you’ve worked on during your time under lockdown.


Label: Nabo

If you’re looking for: Thoughtful festive wear that’s practical and interchangeable for Western wear for when you’re not in the mood for a lehenga.


Label: Amama

If you’re looking for: Statement jewellery that is extra enough for any occasion when we’re all allowed to go outside again


Label: The Olio Stories

If you’re looking for: Minimal jewellery that is distinctly Indian and your mother will want to borrow, as opposed to the other way around.


Label: Perona

If you’re looking for: Minimal and artisanal pieces that are thoughtful enough to help you adjust to the new normal of the after times.


Label: Sui

If you’re looking for: Pieces that scream summer. You might not be able to take that international vacay, but don’t let that stop you from dressing like you’re on one.


Label: Injiri

If you’re looking for: Comfy clothing that will make the transition back to work easier. Bonus – Injiri fuses southern indian weaving styles on the floatiest muslin and silk.


Label: Raff

If you’re looking for: Ethically made accessories and leather bags from locally sourced materials that will pick up your outfit when you’re feeling your most basic.


Label: Wicker Weaves

If you’re looking for: Bags that will make you feel like your life’s a picnic.


By Surbhi Shukla

For Grazia India

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