Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi – Finding beauty in imperfection. (Japanese)
The way of wabi sabi is to find profound beauty in imperfection, and to accept the impermanence of life.

Wabi Sabi celebrates things that are rough, #authentic, and modest. (Just like @ziveliindia products) It is beauty in the cracks/flaws, & in frayed edges left behind by time, weather, and loving use.

The wabi sabi world view reveries the natural cycles of birth, growth and decay. It reminds us that we are transient beings and everything around us is momentary. That our bodies and the material world around us will one day return to the dust from which we came.

And ofcourse wabi sabi holds a powerful lesson about acceptance.

So in a moment of reflection, try to become aware of the aspects of yourself and the things around you that you view as imperfections, the traits that cause you frustration or self judgement, attributes you label as flaws or defects. As you ponder, different things may come up. A physical feature, personality quirk, or a behavior pattern.

Now step back to a wider picture that includes strengths, qualities and talents. Now recognise that you or the object (for example @ziveliindia bag or basket) are a universe of traits, and features and particularities. And it is only when they are fused to this brilliant combination that you become you/ the object becomes what it truly is. (Blemishes, colour variations, etc. In our @ziveliindia bags and baskets). What makes you/object amazing is this whole package. The entire universe of you/object – varied & complex, beautiful and unique. So in the future when imperfections bring out feelings of inadequacy, see yourself/object through the lense of wabi sabi.

Celebrate the cracks and chips, the flaws and blemishes, the variation in colour and size, etc. that make you/object who and what you are, rather than flaws to be fixed. View them as marks of wholeness and uniqueness.

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Remember to look at the blemishes in the natural fibres and the variation in colour and size etc. of our bags and baskets through the lense of wabi sabi and celebrate their uniqueness.




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