Woes of Plastic

Why Is Plastic Bad for the Environment?Plastic production occurs in huge quantities every year around the world. Yet, many scientists have started to see the dangers that it can present when it comes to the environment. The issue is that products made of plastic are often used just once. Then they are thrown away.So, what happens next? Some of the plastic is recycled. But sadly, a surprising amount is discarded in nature.

How Does Plastic Affect Animals and Humans?Oceans are the first victims of the plastic pollution threat. Plastic waste can be found in all the oceans, constituting 90 percent of the oceans’ pollution. Many heart-breaking footages of sea animals, such as turtles and fish, can be seen. Such torture that plastic can inflict may slow down body growth and/or cause severe mutilation.Not only is plastic bad for the ocean’s ecosystems, but it also pollutes our soil from the inside. The Blue Planet needs its oceans, and plastic is a real threat to its inhabitants and the quality of its water and soil.

How Do Plastic Bags Affect Our Environment?Plastic is not usually found in the human body. However, with water and everyday life materials, a certain amount manages to creep inside. Its components are even suspected of negative effects on hormones. Nowadays, there is no escaping the influence of plastic on our bodies. It seems that we are constantly in contact with it.However, there are ways to prevent the negative consequences of massive plastic use. Reusing plastic items as much as possible is the first step to stopping plastic mass-production. When purchasing plastic goods, try to buy the widely recyclable types of plastic.Additionally, some volunteer initiatives can help improve the pollution on beaches. Since the oceans are the first victims of plastic pollution, the beaches around the world, especially in less-developed countries like ours, are susceptible to plastic waste. Sticking to a strict cleanup routine can help.

What Are the Alternatives to Plastic Bags?Since plastic pollution is one of today’s greatest environmental threats, it’s urgent to find alternatives to plastic bags. It’s really scary to imagine that it takes over 1,000 years for a plastic bag to degrade.Plastic bags are not only harmful to the environment and animals, but also to humans. Containing endocrine disruptors, plastic can cause hormone problems, which leads to numerous diseases.Even though it has become increasingly difficult to avoid constant exposure to plastic, it is important to make a real effort. Not only will reducing our plastic use benefit our planet, but it can also prevent important health issues. Children, especially, are typically the first potential victims of plastic’s negative effects.Plastic bags are the most commonly used plastic good. By limiting their systematical use, the environmental positive consequences could be huge. It simply takes a greater access to knowledge of alternatives to plastic bags.Alternatives to plastic bags for lunch bags are easy to find.

Below are some options from ZIVELI.

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A stainless-steel or glass lunchbox only has to be bought once and can be used for years.As for storage, opt for glass and steel boxes over plastic ones. They work equally as well, but without the harmful side effects. Fridge and freezer safe, they are a great alternative to plastic bags.Looking for alternatives to plastic bags when you go grocery shopping? Bringing your own tote bag.Our wide collection of versatile handcrafted totes are great options!Click on the link below to shop our beautiful straw totes:https://ziveli.in/product-category/handcrafted-bags/totes-bags/Alternatives to plastic bags exist, and we need to spread the word. Most people act irresponsibly, not out of selfishness, but due to a lack of information. Now that you know, you can act.Which Is Better for the Environment: Glass or Plastic?Consumers are often faced with a dilemma: glass or plastic? Plastic is now considered evil by all the environmental-friendly activists. However, is glass a better alternative?The main environmental issue with plastic use is that it’s hard to recycle, and it can’t be recycled to make more plastic. This means that more plastic needs to be produced every day to meet the plastic consumer’s needs.On the other hand, glass is widely recyclable. All you need to make glass is, almost ironically, glass. If properly recycled, glass can be infinitely reused, and the production of brand new glass can be lowered. The environmental impact can be great.Glass is also more solid than plastic and can be put to use many more times. For example, a glass jar can last for decades.Of course, if you purchase glass goods and throw them away in nature after a single use, you’re not doing the planet any good. However, by exploiting all the advantages of glass over plastic, you can really improve things.Also, reusing glass jars and bottles will cost you less than constantly buying more plastic bottles.Make the decision to be more conscious and go plastic-free today. You can stand in the line at the grocery store with your reuseable bag and by carrying a reusable water bottle. You’ll not only help the environment, but you’ll have that fantastic feeling that often accompanies such a decision.

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We strive to protect the planet, all its creatures, and reduce our collective carbon footprint.

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