From rain to sunshine, humidity to cold snaps, the weather has a tendency to do its own thing.

We at ZIVELI aim to mix Indian traditional handicraft with our own designs, and bring to you bags and baskets that are transeasonal.

Our straw bags have been handcrafted from watergrass by artisans in Manipur, India and from palm leaves by artisans in Telangana, India.

Our straw bags are versatile and transeasonal.

Our products are designed and produced to last.

Taking care of your product extends its lifecycle even further.

Handwoven from kauna reed and palm leaves, each of our bags is sustainable and one of a kind. (They are well priced too.)

We always want to connect our products to a story and a reason to be. Read more on our other blogs.

All of our designs are made out of natural materials found in India.
We’ve always had the Indian culture within our upbringing.

What we want to bring to our customers is the feeling of standing out in a room with a small accessory that showcases our culture.

Our approach to accessory design—using small touches of color to great effect— Our designs can also be seen as a bridge between the two contrasting cultures that inform our work: those of India and Sweden. We equate the former with vibrancy and warmth, and the latter with minimalism and attention to detail.

That doesn’t mean Scandi style is cold. It’s rather subtle, [and] more a classic approach to a basic wardrobe.

In a post-COVID-19 world, it’s unclear when the next opportunity to dress up might present itself, but a basket bag is an easy way to access the dream of getaways. And there is no need to feel guilty either. We focus on accessories because they tie us to our commitment to sustainability. Not only do our bags have long shelf lives, they’re perfect add-ons to an already existing outfit. Think of them as the sartorial cherry on top.

Shop from our wide range of transeasonal bags on

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