Diwali During the Pandemic

Every year, this month invigorates us with a festive spirit all around. This quarter is a favourite for many. And why not? It brings excitement, enthusiasm, lights up the mood with social gatherings, festive food, and gives a break for celebrations.

However, this year, the corona virus pandemic seems to have subdued the entire energy.

But the festive spirit doesn’t have to die down.

Festivity is all about togetherness and strengthening bonds. People staying away from their family and loved ones are not able to travel due to COVID-19 led restrictions. Getting gifts from markets and visiting our family and friends are not a safe option this year.

This festive season, try and adjust to the new normal. Find innovative ways to send greetings and gifts to your loved ones.

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To make it even more special, you can try some theme-based DIY decor with our baskets. Or create a dreamy setup for a candlelight dinner from the comfort of your home. This will help you create safe celebrations and lifetime memories with your family.

Planning a festive celebration with restrictions and fear of going out to shop for gifts is challenging. To ensure personal safety, avoid going to markets. Also, travelling to find the required stuff from one shop to the other is time-consuming. However, this should not impact the mood of your celebrations as everything is available online, and delivered to your doorstep.

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live sustainable

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