We are sharing how to put your Christmas Tree in a basket. Scroll down to see our favourite CHRISTMAS TREE BASKETS.

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Well, you are going to be surprised. There is no science behind it lol. It’s super easy to stand your Christmas tree in a basket.

This neutral Christmas decor is perfect for every home, and can be adopted for different sizes or spaces.

This basket idea will blend into your decor perfectly.


Below are the two things you need to stand your Christmas tree in a basket.

TREE STAND that is smaller than your basket!!!!

Well, you need to put your tree on a tree stand first. There is no other way around it! Your tree won’t stand alone in the basket. Period!

After the Christmas season you can just put some of your other plants in it, or use the baskets for storage, and they looked great!

Oh and definitely don’t decorate your tree first. Before you decorate your tree, have it stand in the tree stand and place the tree with the stand into the basket.

Can you add the basket idea after the fact that your tree is decorated? Sure! But be careful not to ruin your ornaments by lifting the tree up.

Have a fabulous day!

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