Sustainable Income

United Nations statistics tell us that women make up 70% of the world’s poor. They own only 1% of the world’s titled land and two thirds of the world’s illiterate are women. Moreover studies show that when women have greater control over the family resources they are more likely to allocate resources to food, healthcare and education.

When women are able to earn an income they invest in their children. They bring their friends into the business, become empowered leaders and create more prosperous communities.

We at @ziveliindia are a socially conscious brand dedicated to helping women in rural india earn a sustainable income. By way of our website, we work to widen sales channels for our artisans. We also offer direct support to artisans and artisan cooperatives.

Our mission is to promote gender equality and alleviate poverty using craft as a tool for change. The artisan sector is a 32 billion dollar industry and the second largest employer in the developing world. Women comprise 60-70% of those living in poverty worldwide and make up the majority of the artisan sector. Buying the work of women artisans is a powerful means to elevate women’s status and facilitate the improvement of living standards for millions of women and children around the world.

When economic opportunity lifts humanity’s most burdened, we lift the whole of humanity.

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