Tips & tricks for decorating with baskets

Hi! We at Ziveli are basket hoarders. Hope we will get you addicted too… 🙂 😉 : p Ha-ha!

We at Ziveli offer you cute things to fill your house! Hope we get you hooked, because we have baskets upon baskets upon baskets! Baskets of all kinds: from bamboo; to kauna, to sabai grass, to palm to banana fibre; and we are going to add new varieties of baskets and more natural fibres soon…

So let’s chat baskets:

The Benefits of Baskets

“Baskets not only hide a multitude of sins, but they are also a great way to add texture to a room,” interior designer Judith Balis says. Available in a wide range of shapes, styles and colours, baskets can be used to add attractive storage to almost any space.

Selecting Baskets

When decorating with baskets, we like to maintain some consistency throughout a room. “The baskets can vary in size and shape, as long as they’re made out of the same material,” “This keeps them from adding to the visual clutter.”


Baskets on Bookshelves

If you have a large bookcase, fill the bottom shelves with baskets. “They can help to add visual weight if you have numerous small items and keep everything in balance.”


Clutter Collectors

From utensils and gadgets to canned food and fresh produce, baskets are great for storing all kinds of kitchen items. Best of all, attractive baskets can be displayed proudly on countertops or open shelving, keeping your kitchen essentials close at hand.


Spa-Like Accessory

Ideal for keeping toiletries and other items out of sight, a few well-placed baskets can take a bathroom from cluttered to calming. You can also use baskets to store magazines or towels or to display decorative soaps on your vanity. For a small bathroom, we recommend stacking baskets with lids on the floor. “Not only are they a great way to stash extra rolls of toilet paper and toiletries, but they can also add visual interest to a room with limited space.”


Elegant Office Storage

Forget the typical metal file cabinet — in this charming office nook, you can store files in a large wicker basket. The 19th-century French purses displayed in the built-in corner bookcase add a decorative touch and echo the look of the wicker basket.


Toy Box Alternative

In kids’ rooms, designating baskets for toys, books, art supplies and clothes makes clean-up easy for both you and your little ones. Consider labelling each basket to help children learn where their belongings go.


Embellished Baskets

Simple touches can transform plain baskets into stylish accessories. You can dress up inexpensive fabric baskets with ribbon to store clothes and shoes in your daughter’s nursery.


Bedside Storage

Bulky blankets and extra sheets can take up a lot of room in a closet. If you’re short on space, store these items in a basket underneath or at the foot of your bed. Adorned in this bedroom are a set of three matching baskets, stacking two of them next to a reading chair to create a makeshift table.


Woven Wall Hangings

Baskets don’t always have to be functional — for a purely decorative addition, try filling baskets with flowers, shells or wicker balls or using them as wall hangings.

Jewellery & Vanity

Baskets also make a great jewellery box, and help keep your jewellery sorted and safe.

Baskets are also great for storing your personal care products and cosmetics, etc.

Covering Up

We spied these picnic baskets that blend perfectly with our eclectic style. I love them! When they got in they were separated into 3 different spots because I needed them to help some not-so-attractive items in this space be incognito and these puppies did the trick!


The first place any of the baskets landed was the top of an entertainment-console. Why? Because A) It’s shallow so it doesn’t block the view and B) Needed to house our remotes + a handful of fave vids. It’s awesome to feel a BIT more organized in this space, for sure!


If u snagged a cool tree at a thrift store but it included an ugly black pot as the base. Booooring! Simply put the basket underneath and viola! Instantly stylish!


This cute basket can go underneath a console to mask ugly electrical cords and cables. Don’t worry, it’s not touching anything (safety first!) but simply sitting in front of the messy outlet that has plugs attached. 😉


This post is Inspired by lolly Jane & Shannon Petrie

Thank you guys for supporting Ziveli! We only promote natural and organic products! And we are here to encourage and promote the arts and crafts of India. Check us out!

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