Fair Trade

At Ziveli we strongly believe in fair trade.

Our goal is to put artisans at the fore.

We want to ensure that all the artisans we work with make a steady and sustainable income for all their basic needs like: health care, education for their children, and nutritious food.

All our projects empower women and are environmentally sustainable.

Our partnerships are always transparent, ethical, and respectful. We also believe in building long term and sustainable relationships with everyone we work with.

Currently we are working with around 200 artisans, and we always ensure that they directly receive a fair payment for their handcrafted products made with love.

We have many live examples of how our partnerships have empowered women.

One of the best examples of empowered women is Chandini, who is one of our senior kauna reed artisans. She is raising her children, and providing them a great education. All this only through her kauna reed work. We are very proud of her.

Photograph courtesy Sravya

Our Workshops are always resonating with cheerful banter and light moments.


Photograph courtesy Sravya

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