Ethical and Sustainable Bags

Most of us rarely leave home without a handbag or a purse, so it is worthwhile knowing where to buy ethical and sustainable handbags. Whether you love handbags as a fashion accessory, or simply use them as a necessity, it’s important that we have at least one good quality bag and purse to see us through our daily activities.

Bags are intertwined with fashion. Like clothes and shoes, many are produced in sweat shop environments, are made from materials that negatively impact our environment, and are designed to change with the fashion trends.

On a positive note, there are an increasing number of sustainable options that are ethical and functional without compromising on style. Whether you need one all-purpose handbag or a few that serve a variety of functions, there is no shortage of ethical and sustainable options.

We at ZIVELI produce high quality ethical and sustainable bags and purses. Most of our bags are also vegan options for those who are strictly avoiding animal products.

The natural fibres for our bags, like kauna, and palm are sustainably harvested and entirely renewable.

Our range of modern handbags and purses utilise artisan traditions such as weaving, and crochet.

Our handwoven bags, that would make a great carry-all oversized tote for any sort of outing where you need to carry extra items with you- be you a busy mama out with the children, or a zero-waster with your packed lunch and gym gear.

Our Ethical fashion brand ZIVELI produces stylish and high end handbags, clutches and purses in rural India, to provide decent salary for women, as a pathway out of poverty.

If timeless yet modern leather style is your preference, our bags from our Derma n Kalami collection are a good ethical option, with this range, we offer leather products that will last well for a decade or longer, and never look out of place.

We work exclusively with vege-tanned leather to minimise the environmental impact of the leather tanning process.

Also all our leather is ethically sourced from our shepherd community, who also hand pleate our leather handles and trimmings.

Shop our Derma n Kalami Collection here –

Known for our sustainability focus, here are some of our hardwearing, multipurpose totes. These are particularly useful if you lead an active lifestyle, spend a lot of time in the outdoors, need something verstaile for travel, or need something that can withstand the grubby hands of small children.

Many of our bags are very practical, with outdoors/travel focus, but there are some more typical tote style options that are hardwearing and stylish enough for more urban travel.

If you are wanting to pare back to a more minimalist capsule wardrobe that serves multiple needs. Here are a few options:

Explore more options on

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